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Welcome to your new home.

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Automation will never be the same

Own your platform with Squillo Square™.

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How it Works

Squillo Square lets you build and combine platforms that are secure, scalable, and reliable on your own infrastructure.
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Squillo Square enables you to own your Platform and to scale infinitely on-premises, edge, multi-cloud and hyrbid by building Snapps.

Manage your Snapps with Squillo Square and deploy them to your infrastructure.

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Snapps, or Squillo N Lang Applications, are N Lang shortcuts that makes building & shipping cloud-ready software a breeze.

Snapps are highly reusable, composable, and can even wrap exisiting software and services. Learn more about Snapps.

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N Lang™ is a stunningly easy and intuitive language of reusable shortcuts.

Power everything end-to-end in one unified technology with access to pre-built N Lang Frameworks. Learn more about N Lang.

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N Lang™ Frameworks are pre-built shortcuts that make building and shipping cloud-ready software a breeze.

Every framework can operate independently. Nimble creates interfaces, Raconteur creates APIs and automations, and Strataform creates infrastructure automation. Learn more about N Lang Frameworks.

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Want to go fast? Let Squillo's N-gineers model your project fast and then turn it over, or, have us build the whole thing!

It’s like having an in-house solution at your fingertips and you always own your platform. Learn more about Managed Services.


Discover the raw potential your team already has.
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Automate your business in a Snapp™. No more manual work, no more errors, no more headaches.

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Build intericate automations in realtime shareable notebooks. Use them to test applications or build end-to-end automations.

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See your entire architecture from 30,000 feet or from an inch away. Understand how your applications are connected and how they interact.

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Automatically document and view all your APIs. Break the silos and stop building redundancies.

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Create blazing fast cloud-ready applications with the N Lang editor. No more boilerplate, no more headaches.


Get instant ROI in a Snapp™.

Creating in Squillo Square can save your team thousands of hours of development time!

Looking for an enterprise solution?

Squillo N-gineers can you get started! Let our expert N-gineers tailor your Snapps to your specific requirements and deploy them where you want them — fast.

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