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Connect and automate your organization on-premsies, edge, multi-cloud, and hybrid.
Engineering Hours

Reduce Engineering Hours

Automate engineering of integrations, migrations, and data-pipelines.


Restore Observability

Get the full picture of your APIs & Web-services and unlock industry standard tooling.

Redundancy Management

Eliminate Redundancy

Identify overlaps of services while smartly re-routing and deprecating redundancies.

Knowledge Transfer

Transfer Knowledge

Crystallize changes overtime to preserve knowledge and on-board faster.

Environment Drift

Tackle Environment Drift

Flawlessly handle API changes between teams without downtime.

Microservice Hairball

Untangle Microservices

Unravel your architecture hairballs to increase productivity and delegate efficiently.

Legacy Systems

Enhance Legacy Systems

Modernize systems intelligently on schedule.

Feature Velocity

Improve Feature Velocity

Unblock feature releases at record pace.

Console Dependency

Codify Platforms

Reduce platforms dependencies to avoid costly errors.

Rigid Systems

Enable Flexible Systems

Make rigid or immutable systems flexible.

Looking for an enterprise solution?

Squillo N-gineers can you get started! Let our expert N-gineers tailor your Snapps to your specific requirements and deploy them where you want them — fast.


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