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Oct 31


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Founded by people obsessed with speed, scale, and ease.

Squillo was born at the height of the global pandemic from garages, libraries, and kitchens across the world, driven by reconnecting it.

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Scott Wyatt
Co-founder / Vision
Dave Stran
Co-founder / Ops
Konstantin Zolotarev
Co-founder / Tech

There will never be enough engineers.

Platforms are growing at an unprecedented rate. From the world’s leading companies to regular people, everyone is growing their platform. For the world to keep up, building platforms needs to be thousands of times, millions of times, easier.

Squillo invented a way to do just that.

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Squillo Quill Logo (Green)

What’s in a name?

At the forefront of an emerging remote world. The word "squillo" became our short-code for "let's talk". That inspiration of simplicity is at the core of everything we do. After a decade of research and development we are finally bringing our discoveries to the world. We truly can't wait to show you what a network-native world looks like.

Different thinkers welcome

We’re hiring! Come join an innovative, driven team that’s snapping the world together.

We partner well

We have incredible partnership opportunities! Contact us to learn about the exciting ways Squillo can cross integrate into your offerings.

Let’s Snapp™ the world together

Squillo is network-native technology that’s as capable in demanding product facing APIs as it is in internal development platforms.


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