Platform that builds


Connect Anything. Automate Everything.
Own your platform with a network-native foundation
that connects and scales to you.

Build cloud-ready apps fast

Green Squillo Square Logo

Squillo Square enables you to own your Platform.
Scale infinitely on-premises, edge, multi-cloud and hybrid.

Snapp™ your software together

Wrap your software and services and make them instantly available for your team.
Snapps are easy to write, composable and wildly reusable.

Small Green Squillo Endless_interop Icon SVG

Endless interoperablility.

Connect and build your platform with interoperability at the core of every process.

A second brain forever.

State-of-the-art wiki and AI knowledge assistance for your entire organization.
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Unrivaled bi-directional automations

Squillo is network-native technology that’s as capable creating demanding product facing APIs as it is in internal development platforms.

Square No-code Screenshot
Use no-code to rapidly create blazing fast automations that scale across services and platforms.

Create Self-Service Apps

Create and share self-service apps within your organization. Never duplicate work again.

Square Index Screenshot

Automation will never be the same

Unified network-native solutions are faster than “off-the-shelf”
with none of the compromise.

Square Raconteur Notebook Screenshot

Squillo is built for enterprise

Squillo is committed to the highest industry standard
security, compliance, and speed.

Looking for a managed solution?

Squillo N-gineers can you get started! Let our expert N-gineers tailor your Square and Snapps to your specific requirements and deploy them where you want them — fast.

Green Squillo N Lang Logo

The language of data

N Lang™ is a stunningly easy and intuitive language of reusable shortcuts.
Power everything end-to-end in one unified technology.

Power the network-native world

Access sophisticated N Lang frameworks for specific uses.
Build & ship powerful cloud-ready software easily.

Small Green Squillo Nimble Logo
*Our website is made with Nimble.
Small Green Squillo Raconteur Logo
*Our own apps run on Raconteur.
Small Green Squillo Strataform Logo
*Our infrastructure runs on Strataform.

"So good, it’s scary."

"An absolute game changer. I’ve never seen anything like it."


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