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Build cloud-ready, secure and reliable automations and APIs with Raconteur.


Connect and automate all your services and turn them into APIs.
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Automate your business in a Snapp™. Make automations once and use them again and again.

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Build intericate automations in realtime, shareable notebooks. Use them to test applications or build end-to-end automations.

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See your automations & APIs from 30,000 feet or from an inch away. Understand how your data is connected and how it interacts.

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Automatically document and view all your APIs. Break the silos and stop building redundancies.

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Create blazing fast cloud-ready automations and APIs with the N Lang editor. No more boilerplate, no more headaches.

Let’s Snapp™ the world together

Squillo is network-native technology that’s as capable in demanding product facing APIs as it is in internal development platforms.


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