Perfect Lighthouse on Nimble

Scott Wyatt

We've been working on network-native technology for over 10 years. I'm an engineer at heart so whenever I adopt a new technology, I don't do it just because it's neat or trendy. I only adopt the best tool for the job. When we started working on our Nimble Information Framework for N Lang, we knew that the developer experience would need to be top-notch — better than anything else out there. We also knew that we would need to be able to build a lot of things with it. We ended with a pretty tall order:

  • Better Content Management Capabilities
  • Stellar Developer Experience
  • and Fast, Fast, Fast: Fast to build, Fast to deploy, Fast to load.

These requirements are a moving target, as technology improves, we have to improve. However, today is one of those days when we can say, "Yes, this is the best thing on the market today". Nimble has some capabilities that are really quite stunning, and you really may not believe them until you get to see them.

Headless and Tailless

First, Nimble can be a Headless and Tailless Content Management System (CMS). Unlike contemporary CMS' like Wordpress or Drupal, all of Nimble's content is an API to the information layer, that means that the content and content shape are separated. This is often called a "headless" CMS.

Next, Nimble's Content API is directly available to the application that's using it, which means that it doesn't rely on a 3rd party API to manage the content. This we are calling a "tailless" CMS. Sounds weird, but it's a really big deal.

The rise in popularity of Jamstack applications is a direct result of the need for a better developer experience. Jamstack is a new way of building websites and applications that delivers better performance, higher security, lower cost of scaling, and a better developer experience. Nimble is the perfect CMS for a Jamstack application because it meets all of those requirements but is also directly embedded in the application which makes it even faster, more secure, and lower cost of scaling all while being amazing to work with.

Nimble is a better CMS

Nimble is a better CMS because it's a better API. It's a better API because it's a better data model. It's a better data model because it's a better way to think about content because of N Lang. The cherry on-top is that Nimble can be a CMS for more than just one visual application at the same time. For example, the Nimble API can be used for a Website, a Mobile App, a Desktop App, a Chatbot, a Voice App, a VR App, and more all from the same data model!

Nimble inherits this ability from N Lang. N Lang is a stunningly easy language for creating shortcuts of shortcuts. By composing shortcuts, Nimble content becomes highly composable and reusable. This makes it easier to manage content and build diverse applications — fast. Since Nimble data doesn't need to be stored in a database and is written in the simple-to-read language of N Lang and markdown, updating content with surgical precision is a breeze. In fact, the website you are reading this on is built with Nimble!

What about the perfect score?

As a startup, we move fast at Squillo. So when we announced Squillo Square, we needed a gorgeous website quick and one that we could update progressively. We were able to design our entire website in just 3 days and then write it all from scratch on Nimble in just 3 more. In just a 6 day turn-around we had a better website than we had before and we were able to dump our old problematic CMS. We were able to do this because Nimble is just a better CMS and it's only getting better! But did we meet the goals we laid out before? Let's see:

  • Better content management capabilities? Check!
  • Stellar developer experience? Check!
  • Fast, fast, fast? Check, check, check!

We ran a lighthouse audit on our website and got a perfect score of 100! This is so rare, that few people know you get a firework show when you achieve it. We're really proud of this accomplishment, and we're excited to see what we can do next.

Pefect Lighhouse Score

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