Solutions N-gineer

A Squillo Solutions Engineer (N-gineer) is a customer solutions expert and will be Squillo’s technical professional face to clients. You will specialize in understanding all the aspects of a Squillo product and drafting a prescribed plan for customers. This role will lead or assist in preparing presentations for potential and current customers, and also assessing the technology to determine if Squillo products meet customer demands.

Squillo Solutions N-gineer duties and responsibilities

You will lead the sales engineering efforts of our start-up through:

  • Technical presentations to customers explaining Squillo products and services.
  • Learn and demonstrate the capabilities of Squillo’s N Lang technology.
  • Work with customers and N-gineers to ensure technology meets system requirements.
  • Communicate with the sales team to understand customer demands and offer technical support.
  • Guarantee product standards and assure product delivery.
  • Establish customer rapport and adoption.
  • Plan product modifications to meet customer demands.
  • Help customers solve problems with product usage.
  • Recommend new and improved products to the customers and explain how the software will be more efficient.

What’s in it for you:

  • Early bird equity (you will be one of Squillo’s early stage employees).
  • Remote work and flexible culture — we believe in output, not time at the desk.

We’re looking for tech-savvy professionals who can consult on product development, explain product features to customers during live demonstrations, and think critically in complex environments. This exciting career is a great fit for a technical creative with a passion for figuring out the how and why and relaying that to customers. Contact us for more information about this career at Squillo.

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