Squillo has created a new form of technology that crosses the skills of a Technical Writer and Systems Architect, which we call an”N-gineer”. A Squillo N-gineer collaborates with other Technical Writers and System Architects to compose N Lang Programs, which is a functional hybrid between technical documentation and systems integration design.

Squillo N-gineer Duties and Responsibilities

A Squillo N-gineer collaborates with system architects & engineers, IT staff, software service vendors, and 3rd party engineers to absorb a client objective and to synthesize that objective into plain-text as well as N Lang Programs.

This is a highly technical position that requires a deep understanding of either technical writing, system integration planning, or system architecture and an aptitude to cross-train into the other disciplines to become a proficient N-gineer. Squillo N-gineers also need to be able to effectively communicate with people from a variety of technical and non-technical backgrounds.

Squillo N-gineers are cross-trained into multiple disciplines as well as trained to utilize the N Language, which provides several lateral career opportunities.

This exciting career opportunity is a great fit if you are interested in expanding your career disciplines and have a passion for emerging technologies. Contact us for more information about this career at Squillo.

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