Blazing fast analytics on Nimble

Scott Wyatt

Once an application has been created, it is often turned over to a marketing department to start finalizing the analytical properties. This is a constant cycle of asking developers to modify an application to add an analytics funnel that works for marketing. This is an absolute chore for everyone evolved, and it chokes the pipelines of both marketing and development. What if it could be hundreds of times easier to add analytics to even the most robust marketing application funnels?

Introducing Nimble. Nimble is an N Lang Information Model Framework for creating cloud-ready visual applications blazing fast. Unlike a traditional CMS, or component framework, Nimble’s unified paradigm makes creating and associating events to an analytics suite straightforward and flexible. Since content and analytics can be managed on the same layer, the back-and-forth between developers and marketers vanishes. In fact, marketers now have complete content and event control if when and where they need it!

Here’s a Nimble example: below is a reusable button component written on Nimble. When you click it, it triggers an analytic event to our processor. What’s even nicer, we can export this button through our Nimble interpreter and use it as a drop-in HTML button in a completely adjacent system, and it still works! We can even share this button across teams and let those teams fully modify it for their purpose while keeping track of who is using what where. If your CMS can’t do that… Well, I have a few suggestions on what you should do next. PS. Click the button.

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