Auto Storybook on Nimble

Scott Wyatt

When web designers are developing at scale, a design system is a “must have”.

The reason being, that as an application gets bigger, components need to be cataloged, tested and as reusable as possible. Testing is no simple feat either, between testing a component for good design and user experience, components should be accessible to the differently-abled as well. Designing these design systems is a specialty in itself. This requires process and procedure from highly trained personnel, who are constantly adapting to the latest best practices.

The main challenge is the sheer number of different browser, screen sizes, and other environments that each component must work in. It is quite difficult to account for all of them. So many organizations invest heavily into tools like Storybook, which can help them catalog and test their components across different environments and experiences.

While Storybook is an incredibly useful tool, getting started with it is fairly difficult. So this tool will often be used by large organizations who can invest in setting it up for success. What if they could skip all the hard parts and also create components that can be used across web properties with ease?

The Nimble Solution

Enter Nimble. Nimble is an N Lang Information Model Framework for creating cloud-ready visual applications blazing fast. It inherits its easy to read and subdividable structure from N Lang, and makes creating component shortcuts a breeze. In fact, writing a component in Nimble makes it instantly reusable in other web applications and its structure means that it is highly configurable and can auto-generate a Storyblock configuration or Component Publishing Protocol (CCP).

Creating your component library in Nimble components can be hundreds of times faster than developing them from scratch, and Nimble also means they will work, even across web properties!

Nimble components can also be surgically modified for their target which makes them the ultimate blend of reusable functionality. Since Nimble is a single data-model, getting your component into any type of application is as simple as using a Nimble interpreter for the target. No matter if you’re creating components for the web, a mobile, or desktop app, or perhaps the next best thing, Nimble makes it easier to do it all.

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