Network Service Language

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What is a Network Service Language?

A Network Service Language ©, or NSL, is a term coined with a limited license by Squillo™ as a computer language that specifically connects a network of services in a functional manner. If the purpose of a programming language is a formal language of strings that produce machine code output, then a Network Service Language is the same but produces networked services output.

An example of an NSL is Squillo's N Language.

Can I use the term: Network Service Language ©?

We encourage everyone to use the term Network Service Language ©. However, we're specifically utilizing a limited license for the term from which you can get a copy of from our Press Contact. As a new technology, we specifically want this definition to describe what a Network Service Language is until the term is more broadly accepted in technical and academic settings, at which time, we intend to release any such license obligations.

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