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A hypervisor is software that enables the creation and management of virtual machines. The most common type of hypervisor is a bare-metal hypervisor, which runs directly on top of the physical server hardware. Other types of hypervisors include bare-metal, hosted and paravirtualized.

What are the different types of Hypervisors?

There are three main types of hypervisors: bare-metal, hosted, and paravirtualized.

Bare-metal Hypervisors: A bare-metal hypervisor is installed directly on top of the physical server hardware. This type of hypervisor has direct access to the server’s resources, which can lead to better performance. However, it can also be more difficult to install and manage.

Hosted Hypervisors: A hosted hypervisor is installed on top of an operating system (OS). This type of hypervisor is easier to install and manage than a bare-metal hypervisor, but it can have lower performance due to the overhead of the OS.

Paravirtualized Hypervisors: A paravirtualized hypervisor is a type of virtualization that uses special drivers to improve performance. This approach can provide better performance than a hosted hypervisor, but it is more difficult to set up and manage.

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